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End Grain

End Grain Cutting Boards

Welcome to the finest selection of End Grain Cutting Boards on the Internet!  As far as wood cutting boards go, End-Grain is KING!  End Grain cutting boards are strong because the cross grain of the wood is actually the face of the cutting board.  The way it works is many small pieces of the cross section of the wood grain are laminated together so that they make up the cutting surface of the board.  This is where the "self-healing" attribute comes from because a knife is able to sink slightly into the grains when cutting and when it is removed, the suface of the end grain cutting board closes back up in the same fasion as a dart board when the dart is removed.

If well crafted, end grain cutting boards are extremely warp resisitant and although they may be slightly harder on your pocket book, (It should also be noted that end-grain cutting boards take considerably more wood to construct than their edge-grain counter parts), their beauty and durability more than makes up for it. 

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